in under 5 minutes

NFTs. Meta. Omicron. Free Britney. That Oprah interview.

Every year brings curiosity, shock, and excitement, and 2021 was no different. It was a rollercoaster of events that took the world from lockdown to lockdown and billionaires on round trips to space. Here at Foleon, we saw new trends set and a few firsts too.

So, naturally, we felt a tad nostalgic and decided to create a sweet compilation of our most exciting projects, achievements, and 'proud mother' moments of 2021 ­— from launching our first-ever podcast series for content folks to enhancing the navigational experience in Foleon Docs.

Sit back, relax and enjoy our recap of the last 365 days — in just under 5 minutes.

2021 in numbers

The year of Foleon Docs

In 2021, you published, read, and shared. Big time. Last year, we experienced a significant increase in published Foleon Docs and the attention they gained. Compared to 2020, its successor celebrated a 22% increase in published Docs and a whopping 50% increase in Foleon Doc readers! 🚀


Foleon Docs published 🎉

And that, my friends, is as many titles as Netflix has across all of its international libraries.


readers of Foleon Docs

That's more than the whole population of Belgium! 🇧🇪


new Foleonies started

We now have 27 different nationalities working here at Foleon 🌍


times that Foleon Docs were shared on social media 🤩

Let's keep it going!


viewed Foleon Docs on desktop 🖥

Mobile was the honorable first runner-up with 42.5% and is increasing every year.


videos played in Foleon Docs

With an average video length of 2 minutes, that would mean viewers watched 6.5 years of video content 🤯


forms submitted in Foleon Docs

That's 164 forms a day!

Foleon highlights

2021 was as jam-packed for us as the Suez Canal was after a huge boat got stuck there. Remember that?

Needless to say, it was busy (but in a good way!). We navigated new terrain by launching our first-ever newsletter (which we're sure you'll all Crave!), ramped up our development engine by launching new product features, had all hands on deck with newly grown teams, and took the helm after securing $10 million in Series C funding.

Hop aboard and join us as we sail through our biggest achievements, the content we're most proud of, and share our customers' success stories.



Success stories

We love to see our customers succeed! Check out these success stories ­— you can also view them as Foleon Docs 😎

Customer examples

Ready to see some magic done by our customers? 🪄 See what the Foleon Doc is capable of and get inspired!

New in Foleon


Experiment with content types in Foleon using extra navigation settings.


Enhance brand governance with new theme options.


  • Increase engagement with data visualizations.
  • Improved martech integrations.


  • Make navigation easier with anchor links.
  • Host content on Google Cloud Platform.


  • Increase interactivity with hover states.
  • Improved platform stability.


  • Collaborate more effectively with new user roles.
  • Improve navigation with page scroll buttons.


Choose a primary Foleon Doc.


Manage your subscription details.


Shared media library available on beta.

It's a wrap

2021 was a memorable year for Foleon as we grew and invested in building a strong foundation for our platform. We've got plenty more exciting innovations coming this year to help everyone create top-quality content faster and strengthen team collaborations. Thank you for making our favorite moments from last year possible and being part of our journey. We wish you an amazing and content 2022!

― Daan Reijnders

CEO at Foleon